A-Creative Challenge Pack

The Creative Challenge Pack contains 31 accessible and age friendly creative ideas for everyone. Each activity was developed be as dementia friendly as possible.


Creative Challenge Pack

Download all activities together in the Creative Challenge Pack

Challenge 1: Treasure Chest (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Use words and pictures to depict all the things you're grateful for in your very own treasure chest. Gratitude grateful decorate decorating words pictures drawing painting treasures special describe describing writing colouring sketching write memory memories family remember evoke evocative meaningful

Challenge 2: Flourishing Flowers (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Fill the vase with your favourite flowers: you can draw, paint or even write a description of them. Flowers drawing painting describe describing seasons nature writing colouring sketching write words favourites memory memories spring summer autumn winter seasons seasonal

Challenge 3: Green Fingers (Nature)

Observe a plant growing in your house or garden, and make notes, sketches or take photos. Observe observing observations observational plant growing garden writing write sketching photos photographs photography nature green looking recording changes changing details spring summer autumn winter seasons seasonal

Challenge 4: Words Words Words (Poetry/Writing)

Write your own acrostic poem using the word "creative". Poem poetry words acrostic crossword creative writing write language discussion memory memories

Challenge 5: Outside In (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Create an inspiring landscape collage using old photographs, magazines or newspapers. Inspiring landscape collage photographs photography magazines newspapers words pictures write writing drawing painting places inspired nature favourites memory memories remember colouring evoke evocative

Challenge 6: Firm Friends (Social)

Remember a happy time with your friends, and get in touch with a friend. Remember happy friends social contact fun photograph happy phonecall write writing memories memory share sharing enjoyment enjoyable meaningful

Challenge 7: Stretch It Out (Dance/Movement)

Gently stretch out your body while listening to some gentle music. Stretch movement body relax listening music gentle gently standing sitting workout exercise

Challenge 8: Game On (Social)

Choose one of your favourite games to play and have a go. Beetle monopoly scrabble playing games childhood favourites memory memories social friends family remember share sharing

Challenge 9: Super Powers (Poetry/Writing)

If you were a superhero for just one day, what special power would you want and why? Superhero superpowers special skill talent unique drawing writing words write diary heroine fantasy powers imagine imagination characters

Challenge 10: My Favourite Trees (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Trees are amazing, can you draw or describe your favourite tree? Trees drawing describe describing favourite nature memory memories remember outdoors natural nature write writing painting sketching colouring spring summer autumn winter seasons seasonal

Challenge 11: Finish the Story (Poetry/Writing)

"Very carefully and with much excitement I slowly opened the box..." Writing words write imagination imagine box excitement story create creative life fantasy book illustrations illustrate reading stories characters

Challenge 12: Four Seasons (Nature)

Can you write, draw or design the sights, sounds, tastes and textures of each season? Seasonal seasons nature natural observe observations observational observing write writing words pictures drawing designing senses sensory sights sounds tastes textures sketching colouring montage spring summer autumn winter evoke evocative enjoy enjoyable

Challenge 13: Something Fishy (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Can you design and draw your own tropical fish? Drawing designing colouring sketching fish tropical ocean sea painting imagine imagination colours shapes patterns nature natural wild

Challenge 14: Love Libraries (Poetry/Writing)

What are the three best books you've ever read? Books reading words writing write poems poetry story stories library libraries groups authors remember memory memories characters hearing favourites discussions discussing group discover enjoyment enjoyable recommendations

Challenge 15: Music Feels (Music/Singing)

How does listening to music make you feel? Listening music singing songs orchestral classical contemporary jazz rock-n-roll listening gentle gently feelings images memory memories remember favourites radio concert gig evoke evocative enjoyment enjoyable immerse immersive

Challenge 16: A Poem A Day (Poetry/Writing)

Try our poetry ideas for creating your very own verse. Poem poetry writing write words challenge verses make making create creating paragraphs meaning share sharing

Challenge 17: World Explorer (Nature)

Spend some time outside really observing the world around you using all your senses. Outside nature natural observe observing observational observations senses sensory sights sounds tastes textures sketching colouring spring summer autumn winter evoke evocative painting drawing world feelings details immerse immersive describe describing descriptive experienced experiences

Challenge 18: Make the News (Poetry/Writing)

Make your own news story about what you would like to celebrate. News story stories headlines celebrates celebrating celebrations life victory victories write writing picture image meaningful

Challenge 19: Playlist for Life (Music/Singing)

Create a playlist of songs that have a special meaning for you. Playlist songs singing listening music immersive evoke evocative memory memories remember reminds reminders special meaning unique associate associations friends family

Challenge 20: How To? (Social)

Create your own 'How to' set of instructions to share your special skill. Create instructions special skill unique creativity creative create share sharing social favourites learning friends family

Challenge 21: Novel Idea (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

Design the front cover of a book which is the story of your life. Book words writing write drawing designing colouring painting sketching story stories life autobiography novel characters plot twists cover

Challenge 22: Animal Kingdom (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

If you could choose to be any animal, which one would you choose? Animal wild domestic characteristics features designing drawing painting colouring sketching describing describe words write writing imagine imagination pets

Challenge 23: Mindful Magic (Dance/Movement)

Have a go at mindfulness to relax and reset. Mindfulness relaxation reset calming quiet body calmness enjoyable enjoyment enjoying unwind lie sit breathe breath breathing focus gentle gently

Challenge 24: Creative Kindness (Social)

Think of something to say or do which will generate joy for someone else. Creative kindness friendly friends family joy generous impact others good-deed compliment gift make share offer social meaningful

Challenge 25: Recipe for a Happy Life (Poetry/Writing)

What do you think are the ingredients for a happy life? Recipe ingredients happy life recommendations write writing words describe describing special unique meaningful

Challenge 26: A Moment in Time (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

What person in history or moment in time would you like to preserve? Person moment preserve sculpture special unique memory memorable meaningful evoke evocative drawing photograph painting sketching moulding sculpting celebrate feeling

Challenge 27: Sing Along (Music/Singing)

What are you favourite songs of all time? Singing songs favourites music special meaningful recommendations tunes hum whistle create list memories memory remember listening share social sharing

Challenge 28: Coat of Arms (Visual Arts/Sculpture)

What would you have on your very own coat of arms? Coat-of-arms crest heraldry designing drawing painting sketching colouring representation personal share family

Challenge 29: Flavoursome Foods (Social)

What foods do you love to eat and share with others? Foods favourites share sharing recommendations memory memories remember love enjoyable others social special unique edible recipe design dishes meals starters mains desserts drinks

Challenge 30: Dance Through Life (Dance/Movement)

When was the last time you enjoyed a really good dance? Dance dancing music movement enjoyable fun together others boogie experience memories memory remember friends family social listening favourites

Challenge 31: Celebrate! (Social)

What do you love to do when you celebrate? Love celebrate celebration joy fun others social creativity creative inspired inspiration experience share

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