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The Case for Arts and Health

This website is the only online resource in the country dedicated to culture, health and wellbeing for older adults. We want to build a strong network of professionals delivering high quality activity and we need your input to make this happen. Join with us and share what you can. Use our resources to support your work and connect with our community.

" 'Older people and the arts' is a trending topic: the growing presence of older people poses societal challenges, yet offers interesting opportunities as well. Cultural participation is a proven, potent tool for expanding well-being and health in old age. Although promising creative ageing initiatives have been developed over the years, there are still many bridges to be crossed. The sectors of arts and culture, as well as those of healthcare and welfare, need to join hands and make structural commitments to create a broader framework for cultural participation by older people."
      Long Live Arts Manifesto, Baring Foundation

The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health performed a controlled evaluation of the health benefits of a participative community singing programme for older people. It concluded that:

We are already delivering creative approaches to supporting older people to achieve better health, wellbeing and quality of life and there are so many examples of best practice. But there are still so many ways that we can better engage older people in our work. The following examples provide some inspiration, but take a look at our policy and news section for the latest reports and headline data: