Age UK Oxfordshire (AUKO) was originally commissioned by the Baring Foundation to establish The Age of Creativity in 2012. AUKO has a long history of championing creative ageing across the age sector and has worked in partnership with Age UK to 'embed creativity and culture across local Age UKs across England' since 2017, when the 'Index of Wellbeing in Later Life' report was first published, revealing the strong correlation between creativity and wellbeing in those aged over 60.

Working on 'Creative and Cultural Activities and Wellbeing in Later Life' research together the following year, a new internal hub supporting local Age UKs across the country to develop their offer was developed- and is still running today.

As a local charity, we have developed a test, learn and share approach:

  • Working with our communities and partners to develop a model, then sharing our learning nationally
  • Identifying what works nationally and bringing replicable models to Oxfordshire

The Age of Creativity supports our model, but we have also created other networks to support our delivery, from the hyper-local to the national.

To find out more about our model and the projects we are currently working on, check out our projects or get in touch.



Picture of Kayleigh Burr
Kayleigh Burr
Provides Admin Support
Picture of Kate Castleden
Kate Castleden
Leads on Communication
Picture of Helen Fountain
Helen Fountain
Leads on Lived Experience
Picture of Farrell Renowden
Farrell Renowden
Provides Strategic Leadership



We work with a huge number of organisations across Oxfordshire, but our key partners are our AUKO colleagues, specialising in:

As well as our commitment to: