The Age of Creativity was commissioned by The Baring Foundation in 2012 "to foster collaboration and discussion between practitioners, facilitators, artists and organisations through showcasing pioneering work and providing a shared space to exchange ideas, opportunities and inspiration" and, in essence, this hasn’t really changed. The network is still designed to support the ‘creative ageing’ field, as it continues to evolve, but what has changed, is the role of older people in our work and ‘Creative Later Life 2025’ is a reflection of that- this is our Theory of Change:

To achieve these ambitious outcomes, we are taking a ‘Bottom Up, Top Down, Middle Out’ approach, recognising that long-term change isn’t possible without high quality grassroots delivery, national buy-in as well as infrastructure support and the Age of Creativity network plays a critical role at every level.

The Creative Later Life 2025 project relies on partnership working and has five key deliverables:

  • National Creative Ageing Lived Experience Network
  • Regional Lived/ Practice Experience Support
  • Co-Designed Creative Ageing Evaluation Tool
  • Co-Devised Age Friendly Creative Training
  • Age Friendly Creative Place Based Partnerships

To find out more about these deliverables, and how you can get involved, sign up for membership, check out our projects or get in touch.



Picture of Kayleigh Burr
Kayleigh Burr
Provides Admin Support
Picture of Kate Castleden
Kate Castleden
Leads on Communication
Picture of Helen Fountain
Helen Fountain
Leads on Lived Experience
Picture of Farrell Renowden
Farrell Renowden
Provides Strategic Leadership



We work with a huge number of organisations across the country, but this project funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, specifically in partnership with: